Scuba diving magazines

English Magazines

Advanced Diver Magazine
about technical diving.

the first web magazine on scuba diving.

Asian Diver Online
an Asian electronic magazine on scuba diving.

California Diving News
Californian US mag

Darryls Diving Services On-Line Magazine
Canadian webzine

Deeper Blue Online
an electronic magazine on scuba diving.

GUE magazine

Dive Magazine
BSAC UK magazine

Dive New Zealand
a New Zealand on scuba diving.

Dive Training Magazine
for new scuba divers about training.

Diver Magazine
The Canadian scuba diving magazine.

Divernet Magazine
informs divers.

Diving Periodicals Int’l
internation list of mazaines published

Diving Trade International
UK industry mag

Dyk! Scandinavian Dive Magazine
a Scandinavian magazine about scuba diving.

Explorer Underwater Magazine Online
a magazine covering many subjects (Texas, USA).

Hawaii Skin Diver Magazine
US dive mag

Historical Diving Society
American magazine

Ocean News and Technology
Ocean News & Technology Magazine

Rodale’s Scuba Diving Magazine
the best preferred magazine by divers (don't blame anyone it is written on the cover ;)

Scuba Diving
news from Cayman Islands

a big web site which indexes many informations about diving.

Sea Technology Magazine
US magazine

Skin Diver Magazine
covers many subjects on scuba diving.

South Florida Diving Journal
South Florida Diving Journal, USA

Spearfishing Magazine
US magazine

Sport Diving Magazine
an Australian magazine covering the Indonesian Pacific region.

Sub Sea
Irish dive webzine of the paper version (now on the Irish Council website)

covers vacation sites on scuba diving.

Underwater Contractor International
a magazine covering the international industry about diving (located in the UK).

Underwater Photography Magazine
bi-monthly webzine from Pete Rowlands, UK

Underwater Times
news from the undersea.

French Magazines

an exclusive magazine about apnea.

web site about scuba diving web sites

French mag

Plongée Magazine
a magazine about diving

Others Magazines

Die Profitaucher
German magazine

Deutch magazine about divemaster

Diving at
Austrian magazine

Dutch dive mag

Norway scuba diving magazine

Russian magazine about scuba diving

Italian dive magazine

Taucher Revue
Swiss dive magazine

Austrian dive magazine

German diving & U/W photography magazine

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