Marine wildlife

ASPAB Australasia Society for Phycology and Aquatic Botany site
Atlas of Mediterranean Fish atlas of Mediterranean fishes
Biologie marine Québec marine species biological identification guide
Bioluminescence site about bioluminescence
CAS Echinoderm Web Page US site
CORE Consortium for Ocenaographic Research and Education is an american alliance about everything related to marine life
CSRL Canadian Shark Research Laboratory maintains updated informations about sharks in canadian waters.
CoralRealm Marine creatures
Cybereef pictures about creatures living on Coral Reef
European Register of Marine Species UK site
FINS Catalogue of Marine Fish
Fish Base large database of 26,840 species allowing marine animal identification of the world
Fish Information Service contains diverses informations about fishes
Fish Unlimited ecology site
FishNet distributed database for requesting in 21 ichthyological collection management databases in the world
Flat worms Flat Worms of the World
Hardy's Internet Guide to Marine Gastropods Sea Shells
ICRI International coral reef initiative site
ISAF International Shark Attack File maintains updated statistics and informations about sharks attacks.
Jeff's Nudibranch Site US nudibranches site
Jellyfish jellyfish site
Kelp Forests NOAA site
MBL Marine Species US site
Manta Rays Manta Rays website
Marevita French site about the Atlantic and the English Channel fauna
Marine Bio Marine biology portal
Marine Conservation Society UK Conservation Society
Marine Fish Conservation Network fish conservation network
Paleoclimatology NOAA site
Reef Images US site about images of Reefs
Reefnet Coral reef and marine conservation
Sea Otter contains diverses informations about fishes in the Pacific
Sealife Aquarium UK UK site
Seaslug database of 7500 entries about marine slugs, seaslugs, anaspideans, lamellarians, heteropods, gymnosomatans, opisthobranchs, pyramidellids, nudibranchs, micro-shells & related mollusks
Seaweed Site Ireland site
Shark Research Shark Research Coral Sea Australia maintains data on reef coral sharks in Australia

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