Shipwreck’s databases


Australian National Shipwreck Database

database of shipwrecks located in Australia



Brazil shipwrecks



Institute for Marine Dynamics (NRC) maintains a database of ship collisions with icebergs

International Registry of Sunken Ships

world wide shipwrecks database


Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston contains many shipwrecks on the Great Lakes

Northern Shipwrecks Database

shipwrecks located in Canada : East region (North Atlantic Ocean), center region (Great Lakes and St.Lawrence River) and West region (Pacific Ocean). The database contains 65,000 shipwrecks located in North America.

Nova Scotia Museum

a summary of legislation effecting underwater cultural heritage


ship information database

Shipwrecks in Tobermory

shipwrecks located in the Tobermory region in Ontario


Red Sea

shipwrecks located in the Red Sea


Navis I

database of shipwrecks of ancient ships located in Europe maintained by the European Commission Directorate

Navis II

database of shipwrecks of ancient ships located in Europe maintained by the European Commission Directorate


Irish Wreck Online

list of 10,236 wrecks of any kind in Ireland

New Zealand

The Quay

shipwrecks located in New New Zealand

Nordic and Baltic Sea

Nordic and Baltic

database of shipwrecks located in Sweden, Danemark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and other parts of the Baltic Sea and Northern Sea maintained by Nordic Underwater Archaeology



shipwrecks list


Katastrofy na morzach

Poland shipwrecks localized


Azores’s Shipwreck

Azore’s shipwrecks list


Historic Ships

historial shipwrecks dating between 1510 and 1980



shipwrecks of Léman and Geneva lakes in Switzerland

United Kingdom

Divernet - Wrecks

Wreck links UK

Egypt Red Sea Shipwrecks

Red Sea Shipwrecks


Historical Maritime Society UK


Hampshire and Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology


London Maritime Archaeological Group UK

Maritime and Coastguard Agency

Receiver of Wreck UK


Nautical Archaeology Society UK

National Maritime Museum

musée national de Greenwich

Network for Underwater Archaeology

Irish site

Off Scotland

maritime and aviation losses in Scotland UK

Protection of Wrecks Act 1973

UK rules about preservation

Public Record Office

Records Relating To Shipwrecks

Royal Navy

lots of information on ships

Scapa Flow

Scapa Flow and its wrecks

Shipwrecks of Scotland

shipwrecks of Scotland

Sea Research Society


nearly 1800 pages on U-boats

UK Diving

Wreck Database UK

UK Wreck

list of shipwrecks located in the British waters

United States

Artificial Reefs and Wrecks

shipwrecks located mainly in the South Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties)


Automated Wrecks and Obstructions Information System: shipwreck database allowing location according to different criteria maintained by NOAA

California Shipwreck

database of shipwrecks located in California

Great Lakes Shipwreck

database of shipwrecks dating from 1679 up to 1999 located in the Great Lakes

Great Lakes Shipwreck Research and Diving

shipwrecks located in Michigan

Guide to salvage law

US site

Isle Royale

shipwrecks of Isle Royale in Lake Superior

Key wrecks

shipwrecks dating between 1828 and 1911 located in the Key in Florida, list maintained by the Florida State University

Maritime History Research on the Internet

US guide to researching wrecks


shipwrecks located in the Lake Superior

New Jersey Scuba Diving

gives a book list related to shipwreck aroung the world

North Carolina Shipwrecks (NC)

North Carolina shipwrecks

Pacific Shipwrecks

wrekc localted in the Pacific (2nd World War). The database contains many planes...some are underwater! Remarquable web site.


database of shipwrecks localised by US Navy

Shipwreck database

shipwrecks located in California, Florida, New Jersey and the Great Lakes

Shipwrecks in Thunder Bay

shipwrecks located in the Thunder Bay in Michigan

Shipwrecks Off Alaska’s Coast

database of shipwrecks located in Alaska

Titatic Lost Sister

TV documentary broadcasted by PBS about the Britannic (sister ship of Titanic)

US Navy Museum

US Navy Museum

USA wrecks

shipwrecks located in Delaware, Florida, North Carolina and Virgina


gis database of 250,000 shipwrecks worldwide (1500$US in 2002)


New England shipwrecks

database of shipwrecks located in America


United States maritime history

World around

Bolten Database

list more than 70,000 shipwrecks worldwide (by email request only)

Merchants Ships

merchants ships list contains more than 7,000 entries; maintained by James Olson

web site related to the history and the location of the shipwrecks of the U-boats ("underwasser boat" i.e. submarine) sunk during World War II 1939-1945. The site contains more than 7200 pages of informations like maps and database.

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