Dive site characteristics

Types Shipwreck dive Deep dive Night dive Ice dive
Conditions Satisfying or excellent visibility Thermocline or cold water
Providers Parking Boat ramp Restaurant Swimming Picnic tables W.C. Bathroom
Planning Rescue in case of emergency Weather conditionsFerries scheduleRoad conditionsRoad maps

Diving notes

It is shore dive from the qaurry side. Watch you descent, your depth and your air. Depth may reach 30 to 33m...be carefull. The visibility is quite good.

Recreational and Tourist Center at Atlas Park is located on the edge of an old quarry thirty meters deep with a surface of 26,000 square meters and 33m deep and allow scuba diving as well as other water sports. The center offers a diving package.

Entry points

Note: directions are accurate as possible. It is recommended to dive with somone knowing the dive site.

  Depth   Site  Characteristics
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120′Atlas 1Informations to come.
260′Atlas 2Informations to come.

Driving directions

Don’t get into trouble, make a reservation (access fee will be asked; 7$ in 2004).
Bring your C-card with you.

From Bathurts, take Highway 11 heading North, exit 333. Another route is to take Highway 132 and exit on Gare Street.

Diver’s services

Providers Address Phone Services
Parc Atlas Park  38 Allée du Havre, Pointe-Verte 506 783-3717 air, dive site (May 1st-Sep)
Aqua Bulle Site 11, Box 4, Rue de Havre,Bas Caraquet 506 727-4224 dive shop

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